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The Georgia Master Gardener Association, Inc.

We have a new resource available for you on our website now. Please check under the events menu and you will find a listing of all of the Master Gardener Sponsored spring plant sales. These are a great opportunity to find reasonably priced hard to find quality plants AND to support the great initiatives the Master Gardeners are focused on near you.

Our Mission

The Georgia Master Gardener Association, Inc. (GMGA) has as its primary purpose the support of and advocacy for master gardeners and master gardener organizations throughout the state. We strive to be the voice for individual master gardeners, the unifying force for master gardener organizations and the resource of choice for Georgia gardeners. We work collaboratively with the University of Georgia (UGA) Extension to provide unbiased, research-based horticultural information to the public though our master gardener extension volunteers. GMGA exists to provide educational opportunities, grants for master gardener legacy projects, UGA horticulture scholarships and sponsorship of private events and activities specifically designed for our master gardeners. GMGA’s objective is to foster leadership and effectiveness in the growth and education of master gardeners both today and for future generations.

We help grow gardeners and communities.

GMGA awards a significant amount annually to projects throughout the state which are educational and involve the community. Programs for physically and mentally challenged children and adults, public and private school children and the renovation and preservation of historic gardens have all been supported by GMGA Project Grants. This is one way we grow gardeners. Another is the Scholarship Fund established by GMGA in 2011 for a UGA Horticultural student. In 2013 - two years earlier than planned - it became fully funded and the first scholarship was awarded in 2014. As of 2019, we have awarded scholarships for four horticultural students. We are grateful to those of you who have contributed and appreciate your continued donations that make our Fund even stronger.

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