March 1st

Each year the Board of Directors allocates part of our budget to Project Grants which are awarded by GMGA in April. Active Master Gardener members are encouraged to complete an application and submit it, through their District Director, by 1st of March of each year. See application for qualifications and submission instructions.


Project Grants Awarded

Bartow County - Hamilton Crossing Elementary School

9 MGs involved; staff members; parents, community members, students Funds to purchase equipment and supplies in donated greenhouse; provide students with education in seed starting, plant propagation, science experiments related to gardening. ​


Camden County - Head Start Program, Woodbine, GA

1 MG involved; Extension Agent, Woman's Club, Head Start teachers, parents and community volunteers. Create two raised beds to give hands on experiences in how plants grow, nutrition and beautification of the teaching area. ​


Carroll County - West Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society

Entry to Carrollton Greenbelt Several MGs and members of the Native Plant Society will landscape entry to Carrollton Greenbelt with native plants. Many native plants will be donated, but some of the larger native trees will need to be purchased. ​


Chatham County - Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

1 MG, Tybee Island Light Station and Museum members will create a historical victory/kitchen garden covering the time period the Light Station was used (1913-1939). The garden will also serve as a demonstration garden for home and/or community gardens today. ​


Cobb County - Due West Elementary School

1 MG, 10 Scouts, 24 Students (Garden Club), 10 teachers. Eagle Scout will create the site and add a Garden Shed to the property. Several gardens already exist at the school, but there is a need for tool and other storage. ​


Cobb County - The Period Gardens at Green Meadows Preserve

14 MGs, Native Plant Society, Friends of Green Meadows. The addition of larger shrubs and trees not available at plant rescues, such as heirloom camillias, conifers, fringe tree, spice bush, sweet shrub, Virginia sweetspire, wax myrtle, witch hazel and American Basswood. ​


Coweta County - James E. McGuffey Nature Trails' Restoration Project

30 MGs. Interpretive signage to add to the educational aspect of the trail. ​


DeKalb County - Woodlands Garden

10-35 MGs. The MG group will create a Ferns of the Georgia Piedmont demonstration garden which will educate visitors on native ferns that would grow well in home gardens. The area has previously contained invasive plants that will be removed. Signage will be included to further the education of the community. ​


Douglas County - Mirror Lake Elementary School Garden

2 MGs, Golden Garden Club consisting of several teachers, members of the PTSO, and up to 20 ASP Students. Last year, the school created gardens using pallets and colorful tires and successfully planted a garden. This project will add four raised beds which will give the school the opportunity to grow vegetables that require greater depth, such as sweet potatoes. Use of pollinator plants within the garden will be expanded. ​


Douglas County - Butterfly Garden at Woody Fite Senior Center

4 MGs, artists from the Senior Center, members of the garden club will be involved in creating the newest butterfly garden on the Douglas County Butterfly Trail. The garden will include a dry stream bed, an arbor, a bench, a bird bath and many pollinator plants. This garden will also be part of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail. ​


Fulton County - Sarah Smith Elementary School

4-16 MGs will work with PTA volunteers to build an extensive composting system at each of the two campuses and to provide seeds and plants to add a pollinator garden at each of the two campuses. ​


Fulton County - Chastain Park Conservancy, Farm Chastain

15 MGs will work with Chastain Park Conservancy to plan for ten classes for this year. Master Gardeners will teach members of the community how to grow plants from seeds in the greenhouse and will need to purchase other plants to put in the raised beds. Pots are needed to classes and to provide members of the community with their own plants to grow at home. Books are needed for Farm Day. ​


Greene County - Union Point STEAM Academy

10 MGs will work with classroom teachers, school administration, and high school agriculture students in the Youth Gardening Project. Funds will primarily purchase plants that cannot be raised from seed (such as vegetable and pollinator plants) and to purchase journals for students to record their gardening education. Students will learn seed germination; the role of beneficial insects; the value of thinning, fertilization, and cover crops; the value of pollinators,; and the value of journaling (measuring, analyzing, etc). ​


Gwinnett County - Vines Garden Park

25 MGs will renovate an existing Rose Garden which already has statues and columns that adorn the area. Sixteen new roses will be purchased for the renovated rose garden. The garden would showcase what roses would do well in Gwinnett County. ​


Henry County - Unity Grove Elementary Garden Club

Several MGs, staff, faculty and students of Unity Grove, Henry County Bee Keepers Association will work together to add a colony of bees to already existing garden areas. Two bee keepers will work with students to teach them about pollination and the value of their role in crop production. ​


Putnam County - Community Demonstration and Education Garden

30 MGs from six surrounding counties will work with the Extension Agent to create a local venue to view the newest horticultural releases and attend educational classes in the garden. The newly planted garden will also provide signage. ​


Richmond County - Augusta Locally Grown, "G.R.O.W. Harrisburg"

10 MGs will work with the G.R.O.W. Harrisburg initiative to provide 10 raised beds to 10 homeowners on the waiting list. Construction of simple 4x4 raised beds for each homeowner, along with resources to plant a garden and a mentor for each garden will be provided.


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